With immediate effect all parties at the Bokkie Park (play park) are to be stopped.  This decision became necessary after an unfortunate incident on 16 November 2013.  Persons making use of the Bokkie Park facility proceeded to climb onto the wings of the Lodestar, from there they climbed onto the Shackleton wings and illegally gained access to the Shackleton.  A sonar buoy had been removed from the Shackleton and was found under the fuselage of the Ventura.  The persons involved alleged that they had removed it to show fellow members at Bokkie Park.  The SAAF Museum was established to protect, restore and display items of significant cultural heritage.  As custodians of SAAF heritage we cannot allow such actions.  We trust that all aviation enthusiasts and visitors abide by this notice.   This notice also serves to inform Museum visitors that it is not permissible to climb onto, or enter aircraft, on display.