"Changing the we we think about waste"


What we do
We specialise in managing waste on-site in such a manner that it will save you money, help you comply with environmental legislation and reduce the waste you send to landfill.

Our services include the following:

On-site sorting and cleaning
If you generate waste, you should have a waste area. This area is a risk that needs to be managed by a professional.
Our staff will keep your waste area clean; dose your fat traps and drains with “Effective Microbes”
and wash your wheelie bins and floors regularly.

Waste reduction
We also understand the business environment as communicated by
our motto "if we cannot save you money, we don't get involved".
This means that we will do a waste audit free of charge, apply our
formula to your current waste stream and if we can reduce the
waste you send to landfill, we will propose a service to manage
your waste effectively.

For each kilogram of waste that we remove from the waste stream,
you will see a double benefit (reduction in landfill cost as well as income from the recycling).
In other words, where other companies will profit from the removal of waste,
we will profit from the reduction of waste, and you will save money.

Electronic monitoring
Each of your waste streams will be measured and
weighed daily. This information is fed into our
web-based reporting mechanism that allows
each client to login to their secure page on our
website and download information on any one of their
waste streams at any time.

Total greening
If the size of the ecological footprint of your organisation is important for you to know, then we can help you.

  1. Audits of water and energy consumption including: water and energy monitoring and monthly reporting.
  2. Leading to projects to reduce usage based on findings
  3. Full carbon footprint audit / declaration, followed by projects implemented to reduce your carbon footprint.

In three easy steps you can show your commitment to the environment and our community and in this way build the principals of sustainability into your business.

It's that easy.