PM WZ. 43/52 Sub-Machine Gun (Poland)

During the early 1950’s the army of the Polish People's Republic developed a modified version of the legendary Soviet PPS-43 Sudaeva (???-43) sub-machine gun that was developed by the Soviet designer Alexey Sudaevym in 1942.  It was produced under the name 7,62mm Pistolet Maszynowy WZ. 1943/52 and was given the designation Sub-machine gun PM WZ. 43/52 with wooden butt.  This modified version however retained the standard Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact 7.62 x 25mm caliber ammunition.

The folding metal stock on the Soviet and Chinese versions was replaced with a fixed wood stock that was mounted onto the receiver end plate using two inserts and the receiver take-down hook was bent downwards to accommodate the change.  The butt stock had a compartment carved into it that contained a standard cleaning kit and a sling loop was attached to the side of the wood butt.  This modification was intended to increase accuracy but the minimal gains in accuracy were offset by the increase in weight and size of the weapon compared to the Chinese Type 54 and Soviet PPS-43.

Between 1952 and 1955, the Lucznik Arms Factory in Radom built approximately 111 000 of these weapons.  Many of these weapons were exported to Cuba, South America, and Asia but with the influx of Cuban Advisors to the African Continent, these weapons gradually found their way into Angola and other Southern African countries.