The RPG-75 is a shoulder-fired, single shot disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon designed for destroying tanks and other armored objects up to a range of 300m.  The RPG-75 has the ability to penetrate 300 mm thick homogeneous armor.  The RPG-75 is made of an extruded light alloy telescopic tube.  The length of the launcher in the transport position is 630 mm and when extended to the firing position, measures 890mm.  This rocket launcher and is one of several designs reverse-engineered from the American M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) 66 mm launcher.

The two sections of the tube are held together with a bayonet catch that must be rotated to extend the rear section.  The rear section has a bell-shaped nozzle, not unlike the RPG-7 with rubber end-caps to protect the tube and the projectile.  The rubber caps are not attached to the canvas sling.

The firing mechanism is mechanical while the sights are simple pop-up frames made of plastic.  The front sight is marked for ranges of 200, 250 and 300 m with a simple range-finder in the form of a stepped slot indicating the apparent length of an average tank at the same ranges.  The rear sight has three apertures on a revolving disc, marked 'N', '+' and '-' which adjust the sightline to compensate for temperature effects on the rocket motor propellant.  Each launcher has a series of simple drawings showing the firer how it is used.  There is no shoulder stop, so the firer has to judge where to put his head and eye when firing.

Caliber:  68mm
Pointblank Range:  Maximum 300 metres
Temperature Range:  -40°C to +50°C
Diameter of spotting case: 99 mm
Total mass: 3,2kg
Total mass of packaging: 34 kg / 6 pieces
Breakthrough effect to armor: 300mm
Auto destruction: 3-6 seconds
Initial velocity: 189 m/s