The Star Z-45 sub-machine gun was developed in Spain towards the end of the World War Two by the famous Spanish arms-making company Bonifacio Echeverria SA  This weapon is basically an improved and refined version of the famous German MP-40 submachine gun.  This sub machine gun turned to be a robust and very reliable weapon and it successfully served with both the Spanish army and police for several decades after World War Two.

 Star Z-45 sub-machine gun is based on a simple blowback action and fires from the open bolt position. The bolt / return spring / telescoped guide setup is based on MP-40 and the Z-45 also has similar safety features such as the laterally sliding bolt handle that locks the bolt when pushed inwards, plus L-shaped cut in the bolt handle slot to lock the bolt in rearward position.
The Star Z-45 sub-machine gun can fire in single shots or on full automatic with selection being made through the pull of the trigger (a short pull produces single shots while keeping the trigger depressed gives full automatic fire).  The weapon is fitted with wooden pistol grip and fore end along with a bottom-folding metallic butt stock (all patterned after the MP40).

The barrel is enclosed into a slotted jacket and has a muzzle brake compensator at the front.  The flip-up back sight has an L-shaped profile, with settings for 50 and 100 meters.  This weapon was also exported to some South and Central American, African and Asian countries.

  • Caliber: 9 x 23mm Largo
  • Weight:  3,87kg
  • Length (Stock Closed/Open): 580mm / 841mm
  • Rate of Fire: 450 Rounds per minute
  • Magazine Capacity:  10 to 30 rounds