Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador
Second prototype G-AKRD
13 March 1950
During a simulated take-off engine-failure demonstration at Hurn Airport, Bournemouth, the aircraft sank back on a rising runway. All doors and emergency hatches opened normally and only the port propellers were damaged.  The aircraft was repaired and continued to be used as a prototype in the development of the Ambassador. 

It flew for the first time on 26 August 1948 and after completing work with Airspeed company, went to Bristol for testing of the Proteus turbine and DH propeller trials in 1953 and to Rolls Royce in 1958 for Tyne turboprop development.  It remained with Rolls for test with later Dart variants until after 1968, giving 20 years of service.

From our photographic archives